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Moors & McCumber

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Moors & McCumber at Steve’s Guitars, Carbondale CO on Friday, January 25th. James Moors and Kort McCumber are an acoustic duo that crafts beautiful story songs that walk the line between rootsy folk and melodic pop. The two songwriters met at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in 2005. Sitting around a campfire swapping songs, they each heard something in the music of the other that just fit. The two have been performing and writing together ever since.

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A talented multi-instrumentalist, Colorado artist Kort McCumber plays a variety of instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, cello, piano) in his own brand of Americana that is one part rock and blues, two parts country bluegrass and all parts McCumber. But it is his songwriting abilities that have made him a Colorado favorite and garnered him national and international recognition. He won last year’s Flat Rock Festival Songwriting Competition in North Carolina and was a finalist in this year’s International Songwriting Competition.


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James Moors resides in Superior, Wisconsin, with his wife and two daughters. He does more than 100 live shows every year, travelling from the north woods (where he plays frequently when he’s home) to Colorado, Florida, Utah, Tennessee and points in between. On select dates, James plays with co-writer and musical partner Kort McCumber. “Kort is a great guy and great guy to sing, play and write with. He’s especially good at making a song complete. I’ve learned a lot about song structure and taking a song from nearly done to fully done.” James also writes with Peter Van Dyken (“an incredible lyricist”) and Rick Price. “Rick taught me to stick with my initial instinct – the melody that first pops into your head is probably the right one.”


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Although successful solo songwriters, Moors & McCumber discovered that their music together is more than the sum of the parts. Embracing a bigger sound than most duos, they switch up instruments on almost every song (playing guitar, mandolin, piano, bouzouki, fiddle, harmonica, cello, 12-string guitar and Dobro), creating catchy melodies that are big, bright and electrifying to watch live.


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James Moors reaches deep and brings it all, openly and optimistically, back to the surface for everyone to hear – and feel.


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Moors & McCumber are on tour now, supporting their new album Gravity, playing shows across North America and Europe.

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