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Meklit & Quinn

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Based in the Bay Area (DeVeaux in Oakland, Hadero in San Francisco), the singer-songwriters stopped by Steve’s Guitars unique listening room to share their sweet sounds with those lucky enough to be in attendance.

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Meklit Hadero was bron in Ethiopia, raised in the U.S. and nurtured by San Francisco’s richly diverse arts scene, this acclaimed singer embodies worlds. Joining her soul-filled phrasing to a songwriter’s craft, her music’s influences range wide – from the jazz and soul favorites she grew up on; to the hip-hop and art-rock she loves; to folk traditions from the Americas and her forebears’ East African home.


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Quinn DeVeaux calls his music “blue beat.” But what comes out when he hits the mic might as well just be called joy. The Indiana native distills decades of American blues, country, soul, and gospel into a funky sound that feels as authentic as it does refreshing. With a voice smoother than a top-shelf single malt, he lends a convincing swagger to classic songs about love and loss.


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Meklit & Quinn are in the middle of a nationwide tour. To learn more about them or to see their tour schedule visit http://www.meklitandquinn.com

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Steve’s Guitars, a gem in the Valley.  www.stevesguitars.net

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