Joe Pug

2013 March Joe Pug at PAC3 (12 of 13)

Joe Pug performed a LIVE acoustic set at PAC3, Carbondale CO on March 5, 2013.  He’s on tour with currently with Joe Ely, and made his first appearance in Carbondale between shows.  The intimate crowd was able to listen and converse with Joe as he shared what inspired his music and even listened to his encore song in the dark.  It was a very interesting to hear live music without being distracted by anything but the sound.

2013 March Joe Pug at PAC3 (5 of 13)

It’s been 4 years since Joe Pug quit his day job as a carpenter, but his remarkable rise in the music world has been driven by the same hard-worn work ethic. His path has been an unusual one, which has often challenged the traditional rulebook of the music industry, but even now as he prepares to release his second album “The Great Despiser”, it has always been characterized by one prevailing idea: Find a way.

2013 March Joe Pug at PAC3 (10 of 13)

In 2011 Pug was lured to Austin, Texas by its storied songwriting tradition. “Chicago is a very difficult place to leave, especially when it has supported my music to the level that it has. But I found myself enamored with the contributions that Texas has made to the American songbook and I had to go see where it was born.” The first album that he wrote there, ironically, would be recorded in Chicago at Engine Recording Studio with producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, Califone, etc)

2013 March Joe Pug at PAC3 (9 of 13)

If you’d like to learn more about Joe or see his tour schedule visit his website  More images from the show are available on my Flickr site  A video of the performance is post on my YouTube site:  Thanks Joe! Come and visit again soon.

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