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2013_August_untitled shoot_49-21

What a great exercise to have to sit down and write about who you are. The usual comes to mind, I’m a mother, girlfriend, daughter, friend, co-worker and have even been wife (a couple times, but that wasn’t my strength). I’m a Midwestern farmers daughter that moved to the mountains of Colorado to raise her children in place where I felt people understand what the word “community” really means. Here in the mountains I discovered my passion for all things natural and beautiful and took up photography more seriously as a way to capture what I was seeing and share it with others. The camera opened me to seeing the world not only from a wide angle, but to observe and enjoy the little things. When I look through the lens my hope is to share a glimpse of the emotion expressed by my subject, whether it be a flower dancing in the light, a musician passionately expressing themselves with their song or a child’s delight dancing in their eyes. It’s all beautiful to me and my hope is that through my art I’m able to share it with you. Who I am, well that’s a work in progress …. stay tuned.


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